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Warriors of the realm
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 15 Aiyanna Garrowsson Du Weldenvarden GreyFolk Female 154 days
Yes 6 Lucian D. Salazar Du Weldenvarden Shade Male 95 days
Yes 2 Farmgirl NeriMovmatia Surda Spirit Female 198 days
Yes 1 Admin Rayn Du Weldenvarden Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 337 days
Yes 1 Farmboy Antares Du Weldenvarden Elf Male 325 days
Yes 1 Farmgirl Itylara Du Weldenvarden Dragon Female 254 days
Yes 1 Argetlam Mira Du Weldenvarden Elf Female 251 days


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Based on: Fargoth by Asazel
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